At TangentStore, we are excited to offer a wide variety of hats and caps to suit our many clients’ unique preferences. With our many hat materials and styles, you’ll have no problem with finding the ideal hats for your favorite ensembles in every season.

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Choosing your favorite hat styles and materials are only half the battle when you’re trying to create your own signature look. Picking the right hat size is critical for properly framing your face, ensuring you’re both comfortable and stylish.

Here at, we make it easier than ever for our customers to select the right sizes for their crowns. Read on to learn how to measure your hat size. Then, check out our chart below to pinpoint your exact size.

Choose the Right Hat Size

Follow these steps to select an appropriate hat size for your head:

  1. Grab a flexible tape measure. The tape measure can be made of a bendable plastic, fabric, or cloth. You can also used a piece of string and a ruler.
  2. Wrap the measuring tape or string around your head, positioning it mid-forehead, above your eyebrows and ears, and around the largest part of the back of your head. Make sure that your measuring tape is not below your eyebrows.
  3. Make sure the measuring tape is level and snug, but not too tight, then take the measurement in centimeters or inches.
  4. Compare your head measurement to the hat size chart of the brand or manufacturer you are purchasing from. Hat sizes can vary between brands, so it is important to refer to the specific size chart for the hat you want to buy.
  5. If you are between two sizes, it is recommended to choose the larger size, as hats can be adjusted with inserts or cushions.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Size

  • Measure your head multiple times to make sure that you are getting an accurate measurement.
  • Avoid pulling your tape measure too tightly; it’s best to have more room than you need in your hat than to not have enough room for your head.
  • Keep in mind that head shapes and sizes differ among hat lovers. However, the hat size that men most commonly wear is 7 ⅜. Meanwhile, the average cap size for women is 7 ¼.
  • Make sure that there’s some space between your head and the hat (about the width of your finger). Your goal should be to have a snug fit, not a tight one.

Hat Size Chart Considerations

Note that the size chart below is only for a general reference. The fit of a hat might vary based on factors like your hairstyle and the hat’s manufacturer, construction, and materials.

Unless otherwise noted, our adjustable and one-size-fits-most hats usually fit sizes up to 7 ⅞ or XL.

Hats and Caps size chart

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At, we are excited to offer a wide variety of hats and hat sizes to suit our many clients’ unique preferences. With our many hat materials and styles, you’ll have no problem with finding the ideal caps for your favorite ensembles in every season.

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