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The captivating world of half-rim eyeglasses lies between rimless and full-rim eyewear. No, it is neither a golden middle nor a compromise between its two extremes; instead, it has a unique identity. Although the half-rim trend may have previously maintained a casual appearance, it is now open and has captured the hearts of many fashion fans.

Nike glasses won this place in the trendy list of Nike glasses for 2023 by testing the analytical aspect of our brain to a genuine test. And with good reason!

Be aware of the half-rim style that is popular in 2023

Here are the top six trends that will make half-rim Nike eyeglasses popular in 2023.

1.    Silver metal semi-rimmed NIKE 8152 glasses

Metallic and Pewter Gold go together like peaches and cream! For that regal touch, these glasses are ideal. The sleek nose bridge design provides it with a futuristic appearance. Wait! It goes on from here. The square’s style shows that it is like a fairy tale. Whether you wear them at work or a social bar gathering, the mesmerising impact remains.

2.    NIKE 70712 gloss black semi-rimmed glasses

The NIKE 70712 glasses for men look appealing and seek to provide the finest eye safety by having a sturdy frame and a broad front. Now is the time for gloss black. The branding on the side arms elevates them despite their thinness. Additionally, the flexible nose pads increase comfort and security.

3.    Satin black NIKE 6045 semi-rim eyeglasses

You can choose from 3 different colors in this semi-rim style Nike 6045 eyeglasses for men. The titanium frame gives the wearer an edgier appearance while remaining cozy and dependable. These half-rim Nike eyeglasses frames offer a comfortable design and are ideal for a casual fit.

4.    Semi-rim spectacles in brushed Gunmetal Thunder Blue

That’s a lovely angle because these square-shaped spectacles are nimble and keen. The intricacies are where the beauty is! Utilizing two hues makes one incredible one thing; putting them where they belong is quite another. Here, the contrast between Brushed Gunmetal and Thunder Blue is expertly created to grab attention.

This gift is for all men or those who aspire to look fashionable. These glasses complement practically everything in your outfit and are highly adaptable. You can choose from four different colors of men’s Nike 8049 eyewear.

 This model has a semi-rimless square frame style, making it more comfortable to wear daily. Besides, this stainless steel constructed model is mainly designed for men with a secure fit. Thus, nike glasses frames is a perfect option for prescription lenses. 

5.    Lightweight NIKE 8050 semi-rim eyeglasses

Here, comfort and style come together. These glasses are ideal for anyone trying to keep things straightforward because these innovative designs make everything light and laid back.

These glasses have an ultra-slim black metal browline with minimal decoration, making them ideal for professional wear. Put these on before you go to your office, allowing the calming effect to help you deal with your work stress. The high-bridged design enhances its distinctiveness.

Both men’s and women’s NIKE 8050 eyeglasses are durable and progressive-eligible. Thanks to the frames’ innovative and distinctive Browline shape, you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. These eyeglasses can be customized for daily use by having your prescription lenses produced for them. Thus, this nike semi-rim frame is available with adjustable lenses.

6.    Rectangular NIKE 4313 half-rim glasses

We like to consider these rectangular Nike 4313 half-rim glasses modern with a hint of grace. If you previously believed that rectangular lenses represented monotony, try them on, and you’ll gladly abandon that opinion.

The standard black frame with a somewhat thickened bridge is a beautiful choice for those with a round face shape. These spectacles are an office masterclass, even though they may be worn numerous times.

The men’s NIKE 4313 eyeglasses feature a modest rectangular front and an intelligent design. These beautiful rectangle glasses also have noticeable rubber nose cushions for comfort and attractive side arms. The sides have elegant construction to satisfy contemporary standards.


These generic recommendations will help you learn about the newest eyewear trends, including semi-rim glasses, that are popular for 2023. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to pick a frame with a fantastic visual appeal. The seven half-rim frames shown here are ideal.

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